Enter the boundless universe full of On-Chain games brought to you by Big Bank Theory Studios!

Starting with Single-player mode, you are about to play your way into championships, Tournaments, PvP games and many more!

Uncover the worlds behind our everyday lives With our proprietary Augmented Reality Games combining the digital world with reality.

Let's dive into our first game!!
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Welcome to the Realm of Lizard!

This is the First Step of your journey to Your gamified ascension.

Play, Watch, Learn and Earn!

you can find the First game live in the L.F.G.C. Section in the Menu.

It's simple:

1. Get a $BBT Bag
2. Choose your Hand
3. Place your Bet
4. Make BANK!
Each lose in the game burns more tokens that are minted when the game is won along with the swap burns.
Have fun scooping tokens from a fren that gets rekt in your battle! Belong Be part of a team and play against others in our Tournaments!
there's 1 in 100 chance that The opponent's hand will turn into the rektage finger - making you lose the game.
there's Also 1 in 100 chance that the hand you play summons The Lizard Wizard - effectively winning against anything else and minting the Lizzy Wizzy NFT for FREE!
lizzy wizzy nfts
we're launching a 1000 NFT collection of The Lizzard Wizzard - 0.07ETH per NFT - owning one DOUBLES your chances to summon the Lizzard Wizzard in your game!

200 NFTs to win for free, the rest to be minted via public sale. All NFTs carry a MASSIVE utility - Reflections from fees generated by the protocol!
auto lp token nuke
Lift price floor with each sell through liquidity pair adjustments in favor of the $BBT investors.
perpetual hourly rewards in $eth
the biggest buyer gets the reward each hour -making the hourly candle close in green
lfg club tournaments and championships
to win prizes from the LFG reward pool perpetually built by each game played and Each transaction executed.
the ultimate degenomics
Starting from day one with Our games You can find in the Lizzard Fellaz Gaming Club (LFG.C) both adding to your $BBT bag and reducing your sell tax from 12% to 3% using Chainlink verifiable random functions used for the logic of our games!
BUY: 3%
SELL: 3-12%
The standard sell tax is 12%, but can be reduced to 3% by playing a game in the LFG Club!

1% - Auto Liquidity Nuke: Reducing price impact to support whales to enter.
1% - Hourly Rewards - Rewarding the biggest hourly buyer - paid in ETH in perpetual!
1% - Development & Functionality
each game is available exclusively to $bbt holders.